Heart Attack Symptoms and Heart Attack Warning Signs!


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Symptoms of a heart attack include:

> Discomfort, pressure, heaviness, or pain in the chest, arm, or below the breastbone.
> Discomfort radiating to the back, jaw, throat, or arm.
> Fullness, indigestion, or choking feeling (may feel like heartburn)
> Sweating, nausea, vomiting, or dizziness
> Extreme weakness, anxiety, or shortness of breath 
Rapid or irregular heartbeats
> During a heart attack, symptoms last 30 minutes or longer and are not relieved by rest or nitroglycerin under the tongue.
> Some people have a heart attack without having any symptoms (a ‘silent’ myocardial infarction). A silent MI can occur in anyone, but it is more common among people with diabetes.
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