Bulk Order Bound to MALAYSIA.

300k worth Sante Barley Products bound to MALAYSIA. Simply lang.:)
No Doubt! Good Products, Right Company Right System Business will follow! Helping People Live Better Lives! And this is Sante Life! #NoHype #SanteBarley #ImonGrass

Malaysia is the next Country that Fast Growing Distribution of Sante Barley products.
International Market, Everybody is Welcome to be the Sante International
Distributor Worldwide. The Sante International System will Help you run your Global Business.
No Doubt! If the Product is Good the Business will Follow..

Sante International is now Global as it’s Launch its International Market.
Santé International Inc. is a Leading Distribution Company of Organic Wellness
products which includes Sante Pure Barley from New Zealand.

Join Us Now!
For Interested to become Distributor/Franchisee please contact:

Davis Alabata

☎️ 0977-825-3568 (Globe)
☎️ 0928-919-4976 (Smart)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davs.rain
Email: pinoychamp2012@gmail.com

About Davis Rain

Do your Business Right. Build it with Strong Foundation. Build it in Rock not in Sand.. By having the Right Values. Integrity, Commitment, Perseverance, Honesty and Patience. I am Davis Alabata and I'm on Grass
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