Where to buy Sante Pure Barley in PAMPANGA

To make sure that you are buying original Sante Pure Barley Products, be sure to transact with an authorized dealer and distributor of Sante Pure Barley,

Please contact… 60321732_436935890187068_6054378924861816832_n
Alvin Dizon – Contact#: 0945-348-7933 
if you want to buy barley products in Pampanga.

Alvin Dizon is one of our authorized distributors of authentic and Sante Pure Barley : The Miracle Food.

Sante Pure Barley is fast becoming one of the Worlds most popular highly effective health supplement. Barley (Hordeum Vulgare) grows in over one hundred countries in the world and it is a grain plant like wheat, cereal, corn and rice. Barley used to be the most important crop. In the ancient times, barley was regularly served in the variety of bread and porridge. It was Barley and neither wheat nor rice that was the primary grain of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Hebrews during the old ages. One reason it is not surprising that it was mentioned several times in the bible both New and Old Testament.

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If you want to become a distributor in your area.

Sante Barley in Pampanga.

Alvin Dizon 
Contact#: 0945-348-7933 
WhatsApp: +071 50 972 9623
Address: #0183 St. Peter Compound, Brgy., San Pedro, Guagua, Pampanga.
Email Add: alvindizon31@yahoo.com

Thank you for choosing Sante Barley!

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6 Responses to Where to buy Sante Pure Barley in PAMPANGA

  1. Nina Pascual Madanguit says:

    How can I buy sante pure barley do you have distributor in San Jose del Monte Bulacan?


  2. ano po pwede purchase para sa malignant melanoma skin cancer


  3. cristina garcia says:

    how to avail sante barley..from dau pampnga


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